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Voting Guidelines for the 2024 Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Literature  

The shortlisted books for voting are strictly based on  five categories:

 —Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Poetry

—Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Drama

—Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Fiction

—Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Non-Fiction

—Akachi Ezeigbo Prize for Children’s Literature .


This is an online popularity contest. The shortlisted books are meant to be voted for by readers online. Kindly vote for any shortlisted author of your choice between February 19th, 2024 and February 23, 2024..

Please note that voting is free.


Online voting commences in February 19th, 2024. Deadline for voting is February 23, 2024. (12:00 pm GMT+1(WAT).The winner emerges from each category! Each winner in each category receives $100.

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