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Black Opal

Black Opal

Gloria Ogo

Black Opal by Gloria Ogo was published in 2019. A thriller about slavery, abduction, voyage, lust, betrayal, a priestess and murder. The work is set on the Atlantic Ocean, between Nigeria and England.

A Spring of Longings

Iwunze Davidson Chimezie

The work, a collection of poems titled A Spring of Longings, connects us to all the poetic yearning for imaginative flights and dares to interweave evanescent dreams and ominous nightmares.

Soro Soke

Sunday Akande

Soro Soke is a fiction that tells the chronicles of political and power transitions in Eetantagba.

It is a creative condensation of three decades in the life of a familiar country known for its great potential but underwhelming

Lagos is Killing Me

Oloyede Michael Taiwo

This collection of poems covers the expanse of human experience: love, life, death… They draw you into Oloyede’s world, a world where feelings and emotions take shape and breathe life through the sorcery of words.

Mastery of

This City Knows My Name

Abayomi Abiru

These poems take an inward and outward journey. They represent memories of places visited. They tell stories of how to conquer loneliness in a strange land; how to plant footprints there and make it an extension of home.

Naked Coin

Albrin Junior

Naked Coin, is a historical fiction thriller, that tells us about the travails and trials of an Igbo family residing in the then Midwestern Nigeria, before,during and after the Biafran war.

Written in first person point of view,


Daniel Abah Iduh

Brief is a crime thriller that narrates a young lawyer’s first trial experience, along with his struggles with reclusion and depression amidst being diagnosed with a terminal illness. The book examines the mental and emotional effects of


Obiageli A. Iloakasia

In “Kàmbílí,” humans, nations, and ideas are all affected by the realities of life. The poems, though thematically ordered combine to explore the experiential dynamics of social injustices, mental health, crime, desire, belonging, and heritage. We are

The Eden in Nigeria

Franklin I. Diala

The Eden in Nigeria

The word Eden is actually a Hebrew word. It means a place of happiness, delight, a paradise of pristine or abundant natural beauty, peaceful haven. The place where the first man (Adam) and


Michael Chukwudi

Emeka and Ikechukwu are Inseparable friends with similar dreams, yet opposite purposes.
Envy, competition, backbiting, and hatred take center stage as the best friends struggle through life, on the journey of finding themselves and attaining the best height

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