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Black Opal

Black Opal

Gloria Ogo

Black Opal by Gloria Ogo was published in 2019. A thriller about slavery, abduction, voyage, lust, betrayal, a priestess and murder. The work is set on the Atlantic Ocean, between Nigeria and England.

Soro Soke

Sunday Akande

Soro Soke is a fiction that tells the chronicles of political and power transitions in Eetantagba.

It is a creative condensation of three decades in the life of a familiar country known for its great potential but underwhelming

Naked Coin

Albrin Junior

Naked Coin, is a historical fiction thriller, that tells us about the travails and trials of an Igbo family residing in the then Midwestern Nigeria, before,during and after the Biafran war.

Written in first person point of view,


Daniel Abah Iduh

Brief is a crime thriller that narrates a young lawyer’s first trial experience, along with his struggles with reclusion and depression amidst being diagnosed with a terminal illness. The book examines the mental and emotional effects of


Michael Chukwudi

Emeka and Ikechukwu are Inseparable friends with similar dreams, yet opposite purposes.
Envy, competition, backbiting, and hatred take center stage as the best friends struggle through life, on the journey of finding themselves and attaining the best height

Do Not Say It’s Not Your Country

Nnamdi Oguike

‘Do Not Say It’s Not Your Country,’ is a short story collection that transversed the African continent and even beyond. It has been recently translated into Italian. In my review of the book for the Black Boy Review,

Judi Series, The Truth About Tuesday

Gracious Osuagwu

Judi Series, The Truth About Tuesday is a mystery, thrilling, gothic, suspense filled, compelling crime series.
Though, Judi Series is set in Lagos, Nigeria, the writing is dystopian, and thus the use of imaginary places in Lagos.

Slay Queen

Emmanuel Ifediata

Slay Queen is the story of a struggling commercial tricyclist named Uche who, driven by love, invests his entire life savings in seeing a delectable lady of bewitching beauty through the university – in the hope of marrying

At the Centre of No-Man’s-Land

Uche Nnyagu

It is a fiction, a reflection of the contemporary Nigerian society, mirroring the activities of the corrupt security agents. Ofo, the main character is arrested, detained and assaulted even when it is clear to the police that he

Looking Glass Bullet

Akintomiwa Akinnimi 

Samuel Adeniyi-Jones is a rich successful Casanova, who leads a simple life of playing hard and even working harder. His utopia morphs into hell on the night an assassin

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