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The Invincible Will

Amadi Ekwutosilam Njoku

THE INVINCIBLE WILL, a middle-grade novel tells the story of ACHEBE, a diminutive but brilliant lad (13), who dreams of becoming a great sprinter and attending a Federal Unity College a few miles away from his hometown

Mirror on the Wall

Jesutofunmi Fekoya 

Tami and her sister Wonu have to spend their school vacation at the village and she is not pleased! Compared to Lagos, the village was quiet and boring, nothing exciting could possibly happen there.
She was wrong.

The Old Man and the Donkey

Dr.Amamgbo Onyinye Constance

This book is specially designed to help develop children’s imaginative abilities. The book will build their vocabularies, increase their reading skills, and spelling as well as strengthen their artistic skill. The stories have been so illustrated with

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